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      “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes is a timeless Greek comedy that unfolds against the backdrop of the Peloponnesian War, offering a bold and satirical commentary on the folly of war and the power of women. Written in the 5th century BCE, Aristophanes’ play centers around the eponymous heroine, Lysistrata, who hatches a daring plan to end the war by convincing the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands until they agree to negotiate peace. As Lysistrata’s audacious scheme unfolds, readers are treated to a riotous tale filled with bawdy humor, clever wordplay, and irreverent satire.


      Published over two millennia ago, “Lysistrata” remains as relevant and impactful as ever, serving as a testament to the enduring relevance of Aristophanes’ comedic genius. With its bold themes, vibrant characters, and riotous humor, the play continues to captivate audiences with its irreverent take on politics, gender, and the absurdities of human behavior. Through its timeless message of peace, unity, and the strength of collective action, “Lysistrata” stands as a timeless masterpiece of comedy.

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      The Occupation of the Acropolis

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      The Women’s Oath

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      The Failed Retaliation

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      The Negotiation

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      The Reconciliation

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      The Men’s Torment

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      The Revolutionaries vs The Warriors

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      Series : Banned Book-A-Day

      First Publication Date : 5th C. BCE

      Author : Aristophanes

      Genres: Classics, Comedy, Drama, Fiction, Play, Satire

      Language : English

      Word Count : 12,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

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      Aristophanes (c. 446-386 BCE), the master of ancient Greek comedy, captivated audiences with his sharp wit and incisive social commentary. Born in Athens, he became renowned for his plays that boldly satirized contemporary Athenian society, politics, and cultural norms. Through his inventive use of humor and satire, Aristophanes addressed serious issues like war, political corruption, and the folly of public figures, leaving an indelible mark on the theatrical tradition. His works, such as "Lysi… Read More

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