Genre - Contemporary Romance

“By Design” by J. Boykin Baker is a contemporary novel that delves into themes of faith, love, and personal growth.
When a young interior designer discovers that the exciting new man in her life is hiding a heart wrenching secret, she realizes it will take a lot more than sparks to ignite this romance.
This first novel in the By Design series is an emotional Christian romance that is guaranteed to touch the heart of anyone who has experienced the breathtaking intensity of a new lov… Read More

“The Cougar Diaries Trilogy” by Jillian Godsil aka Aoife Brennan, is a bold and captivating exploration of modern relationships, self-discovery, and empowerment. Godsil skillfully captures the emotional depth and evolving dynamics of relationships. The book resonates with readers by addressing universal themes of love, self-acceptance, and the courage to defy societal expectations. Her narrative is both candid and humorous, providing a fresh perspective on the trials and triumphs of … Read More

Read the entire Boston Hawks Hockey series plus an exclusive novella, The Charmer!
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Brawler’s Weakness is book 2 in the Tennessee Thunderbolts hockey romance series. If the sunshine/grumpy trope or single-dad romances are your jam, you will fall in love with the protective and grouchy hockey brawler, Axel Daire, and the eternally optimistic and soulful artist, Maisy Stratford. Read on as they navigate their personal hang-ups, fears, and unexpected feelings to discover that together, happily-ever-after is possible.
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Hot Shot’s Mistake is book 1 in the Tennessee Thunderbolts hockey romance series. If you love workplace romances and small-town vibes, you’ll adore the heat and sweet that erupts between reformed bad boy Devon Hardt and grief-stricken physical therapist Mila Lewis. Hot Shot’s Mistake is set around Knoxville, TN and establishes the foundation of a heartwarming series filled with hockey, love, friendship, humor, and the significance of finding your place among a chosen family.
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