The Canterbury Tales

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      Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” transports readers to the vibrant and diverse world of medieval England, offering a panoramic view of society through the lens of a group of pilgrims journeying to the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury. Written in Middle English in the late 14th century, Chaucer’s magnum opus is a rich tapestry of storytelling, wit, and social commentary. Through a series of interconnected tales told by a colorful cast of characters from various walks of life, including knights, merchants, clergy, and ordinary folk, Chaucer provides a vivid depiction of the medieval world, exploring themes of love, honor, betrayal, and the human condition.


      At the heart of “The Canterbury Tales” is the framing narrative of the pilgrimage itself, which serves as a microcosm of medieval society and a vehicle for Chaucer to explore the complexities of human nature. As the pilgrims travel together, they engage in lively conversation and storytelling, revealing their individual personalities, biases, and aspirations. Through their tales, Chaucer skillfully blends humor, satire, and moral insight, creating a richly textured tapestry of human experience that resonates with readers across the centuries.

      Published in the late 14th century, “The Canterbury Tales” remains one of the most enduring works of English literature, celebrated for its literary innovation, social commentary, and timeless appeal. Chaucer’s masterful storytelling and keen observation of human behavior continue to captivate readers, offering a window into the medieval world and a reflection of the universal truths of human existence. As a seminal work of literature, “The Canterbury Tales” continues to inspire scholars, artists, and readers alike, cementing its place as a classic of world literature.

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      The Pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral

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      The Knight

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      The Start at Tabard Inn

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      The Miller

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      The Wife of Bath

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      The Narrator

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      The Friar

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      The Summoner

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      Publisher :

      Series : Banned Book-A-Day

      First Publication Date : 1400

      Author : Geoffrey Chaucer

      Genres: Classics, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literature, Short Story

      Language : English

      Word Count : 70,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

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      Author Info

      Geoffrey Chaucer

      Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400), often hailed as the "Father of English literature," profoundly shaped the literary landscape with his inventive storytelling. Born in London, Chaucer worked as a public servant under various capacities, which allowed him to travel extensively and absorb diverse cultural influences. His experiences and keen observations of society fueled his literary creations, most notably "The Canterbury Tales," a vibrant collection of stories that capture the essence of medi… Read More

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