Infernal Games – A Templar Chronicles Novel

by Joseph Nassise — eBook

Cade Williams and the Echo Team are back for another action-packed urban fantasy adventure!


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The Spectres
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The Heretic
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About this Book

The war with the Chiang Shih is over but the Templars have paid a high price for victory. Even the Echo Team has not escaped unscathed, its commander returned a changed man with his thirst for vengeance quenched, but his spirit broken.

It is the moment Simon Logan, the Necromancer has been waiting for. A daring prison break allows him to escape Templar control and vanish into the night. Newly promoted Captain Riley and the reformed Echo Team are given the job of tracking him down.

But rather than waiting for Echo to come looking for him, the Necromancer takes the battle to them instead; luring former Commander Williams away from his home and stealing the physical form of his wife, Gabrielle, a woman caught somewhere between life and death. It is perhaps the one act that could rouse Cade from the grey haze his life has become.

As he ruthlessly tracks the Necromancer through this world and the next, Cade can’t help but ask himself what Logan might want with a half-dead woman and the man who had literally traveled to hell and back to rescue her.

New York Times bestseller Joseph Nassise delivers another “tour-de-force of adrenaline-drenched mayhem” in the 4th book of the action-packed Templar Chronicles supernatural adventure series.

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