The Beetle

    Series : Monster 2.0
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      Richard Marsh’s “The Beetle” captivates readers with its thrilling blend of horror and mystery, set against the backdrop of late 19th-century London. Published in 1897, the novel weaves a tale of terror as it follows the sinister figure of a shape-shifting Egyptian beetle that wreaks havoc on the lives of those it encounters. The narrative unfolds through multiple perspectives, each adding layers of suspense and intrigue to the story. Marsh’s ability to create a palpable sense of dread and his vivid descriptions of the eerie and macabre have made “The Beetle” a standout work in the horror genre.


      Each character encounters the mysterious and malevolent beetle, leading them into a web of supernatural terror and psychological horror. Marsh masterfully interlaces their narratives, gradually revealing the dark secrets and ancient curses that bind them together. The Beetle’s relentless pursuit of its victims drives the plot forward, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

      “The Beetle” not only entertains with its gripping storyline but also delves into themes of colonialism, xenophobia, and the clash between modernity and ancient beliefs. Marsh’s portrayal of the beetle as an exotic and malevolent force from Egypt reflects contemporary anxieties about the foreign and unknown. Through his chilling and atmospheric writing, Marsh explores the psychological and societal fears of his time, making “The Beetle” a thought-provoking and enduring work in Gothic literature.

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      Control of the Eyes

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      The Beetle

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      Publisher :

      Series : Monster 2.0

      First Publication Date : 1897

      Author : Richard Marsh

      Genres: Classics, Fiction, Gothic Fiction, Horror, Mystery

      Language : English

      Word Count : 92,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

      Cardano Retail Price : 39 ADA

      Cardano Discount Price : 29 ADA, for wallet holding Scary Fiction Shorts

      Purchase Limit: 2

      Cardano Policy ID : 24df0d403f5c45d91b1368f88e1169b146b4fa1cfc802e32d135cab5

      Author Info

      Richard Marsh

      Richard Marsh (1857-1915), born Richard Bernard Heldmann, made significant contributions to the horror and mystery genres during his literary career. Born in London, Marsh initially pursued various careers, including teaching and publishing, before finding his niche as a writer. Under his pseudonym, he authored numerous novels and short stories that captivated readers with their blend of suspense, supernatural elements, and intricate plots. His most famous work, "The Beetle," published in 1897, … Read More

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