The King in Yellow

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      “The King in Yellow” is a fictional play within a book of the same name, written by American author Robert W. Chambers. The book is a collection of interconnected weird and supernatural short stories published in 1895. The play “The King in Yellow” is a central and recurring motif in the stories.

      In the fictional universe created by Chambers, “The King in Yellow” is a mysterious and forbidden play. It is described as a two-act play of incomparable beauty and dreadfulness. Those who read or witness the play are driven to madness, despair, and insanity. The play’s central figure, the King in Yellow, is a mysterious and malevolent entity associated with madness and the breakdown of the human mind.


      From WikipediaThe King in Yellow contains nine short stories and a sequence of poems; while the first stories belong to the genres of supernatural horror and weird fiction. The book progressively transitions towards a more light-hearted tone, ending with romantic stories devoid of horror or supernatural elements.The horror stories are highly esteemed, and it has been described by critics such as E. F. Bleiler and T. E. D. Klein as a classic in the field of the supernatural. Lin Carter called it “an absolute masterpiece, probably the single greatest book of weird fantasy written in this country between the death of Poe and the rise of Lovecraft”, and it was an influence on Lovecraft himself.

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      The Yellow Sign

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      The Insane Costaigne

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      The Easter Lily

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      The Repairer of Reputations

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      The King in Yellow

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      The Pallid Mask of Genevieve

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      The Lost Dynasty of Carcosa

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      In the Court of the Dragon

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      The Demoiselle D’Ys

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      Publisher :

      Series : Monster 2.0

      First Publication Date : 1895

      Author : Robert W. Chambers

      Genres: Fiction, Horror, Romance, Short Story, Supernatural Fiction

      Language : English

      Word Count : 73,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

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      Author Info

      Robert W. Chambers

      From Wikipedia: Robert William Chambers (May 26, 1865 – December 16, 1933) was an American artist and fiction writer, best known for his book of short stories titled The King in Yellow, published in 1895.
      Chambers was first educated at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, and then entered the Art Students' League at around the age of twenty, where the artist Charles Dana Gibson was a fellow student. Chambers studied in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts and the Académie Julian from 1886 to 18… Read More

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