by Steven Savile — NFT eBook

“There is a plague coming….For forty days and forty nights, fear shall savage the streets. Those steeped in sin shall burn. The dying begins now”

With this chilling message, a wave of terror unlike anything the world has ever seen sweeps the streets of Europe. Thirteen martyrs burn themselves alive in thirteen major cities simultaneously.

And this is just the beginning.
A religious cult calling itself the Disciples of Judas has risen in the Middle East. They twist the words of ancient prophecies to drive home the fear. Everything you believe in will be proved wrong. Everything you hold true will fail.

Day by day the West wakes to increasingly harrowing acts of terror. As fear cripples the capitals of Europe, the only question is where will be the next to fall? London? Rome? Berlin?
In a race against time – believing the terrorists intend to assassinate the Pope – Sir Charles Wyndham’s unique Special Ops team, codename Ogmios, track a labyrinthine course through truth, shades of truth and outright lies that takes them from the backstreets of London to the shadow of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and all the way into the heart of the Holy See itself.

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Book Rarity

The Doomsayer
18 Unique Designs
x 25 Numbered eBooks
= 450 NFT eBooks
(36% of Supply)

The Sacrifice
18 Unique Designs
x 12 Numbered eBooks
= 216 NFT eBooks
(17.28% of Supply)

The Night Driver
17 Unique Designs
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The Assault
12 Unique Designs
x 11 Numbered eBook
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The Dagger Forged
10 Unique Designs
x 10 Numbered eBooks
= 100 NFT eBooks
(8% of Supply)

The Killing of Judas
10 Unique Designs
x 7 Numbered eBook
= 70 NFT eBooks
(5.60% of Supply)

The Chase
6 Unique Designs
x 8 Numbered eBooks
= 48 NFT eBooks
(3.84% of Supply)

The Wave of Terror
30 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 30 NFT eBooks
(2.40% of Supply)

The Death of A Cardinal
19 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBook
= 19 NFT eBooks
(1.52% of Supply)

The Kidnapping
15 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 15 NFT eBooks
(1.20% of Supply)

SILVER reviews

‘Savile doesn’t even need to dig deep to produce material this dark, this deadly. It comes naturally to him.’ –Paul Finch, bestselling author of the Heck series

“The mix of history, suspense, and action in Silver perfect for those DaVinci Code fans looking for another electrifying read combining Biblical history with modern-day Armageddon.” — Douglas Preston, NYT Bestselling author of IMPACT and BLASPHEMY

“With Silver, Steven Savile delivers a barn storming tale of action, intrigue and suspense in a plot laced with ancient secrets and modern terror.” –Matt Hilton, author of the the Joe Hunter thrillers.

“Silver is the best thing since Forsyth’s Day of the Jackal.” –Robert W. Walker, author of the RANSOM and INSTINCT series.

“Silver is a cracker of a thriller. Savile’s in a league of his own” –Jeremy Duns, author of FREE AGENT and FREE COUNTRY.

“Reminiscent of James Rollins and David Morrell.” –Joseph Nassise, international bestselling author of the TEMPLAR CHRONICLES.

“Fascinating, gripping, horrific, tragic and compelling.” — Steve Alten, NYT Bestselling author of MEG and THE SHELL GAME

“SILVER is a wild combination of Indiana Jones, The Da Vinci Code, and The Omen.” — Kevin J Anderson, international bestselling author of THE SAGA OF SEVEN SUNS and co-author of PAUL OF DUNE

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