Tales of the Secret City

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      In the shadows of 1970s New York, half-fae private detective John “Ironwood” Irons navigates a treacherous underworld of dark magic and ancient feuds. With his quick wit, iron will, and mastery of the faerie arts, he takes on cases that no mere mortal could hope to crack, delving deep into the city’s seedy underbelly and the twisted machinations of its otherworldly denizens. But when a routine investigation into a missing person case leads him to a mysterious figure known as the Unseelie Lord, Ironwood finds himself embroiled in a shadowy underworld of dark magic, ancient grudges, and a blood-soaked turf war between the rival fae courts.To prevent an all-out supernatural war from engulfing the city, Ironwood must confront his own haunted past and the secrets of his hybrid heritage. In a world where glamour and grit, enchantment and violence, and neon and shadow all bleed together, Ironwood knows that sometimes the only way to fight monsters is to become one himself.


      In a New York City where Fae factions and supernatural entities lurk beneath the surface, Johnny Ironwood is the half-Fae private eye who keeps the peace between the magical and the mundane. As a gumshoe born of both realms, Johnny navigates the secret Faerie courts, dream demons, and otherworldly outlaws threatening the city’s unsuspecting mortals.

      But when a string of gruesome murders and a looming apocalyptic plot threaten to shatter the boundaries between the Fae and mortal worlds, Johnny must confront his own inner demons and forge uneasy alliances to unravel the mystery before the city succumbs to chaos.

      Among the dead are wealthy businessman Bertram Wainwright, apparently the victim of a dream-devouring demon. Johnny is drawn into a web of intrigue that spans the Waking World and the Dreaming. With the help of his network of contacts, including the alluring witch Áine Moonwhisper and the ghoulish Wights, Johnny delves deeper into the mystery, uncovering a sinister plot orchestrated by the nightmare king Somnus.
      As Johnny navigates the treacherous landscape of the Fae realm, he must confront not only the machinations of the dream demons but also his own inner demons. The investigation leads him to the heart of the Oneiros, where he discovers a plan to resurrect the ancient Devourer, a primordial entity capable of consuming both the Dreaming and the Waking World.

      With the fate of New York City and the entire world hanging in the balance, Johnny must forge uneasy alliances, battle his way through the nightmare realm, and ultimately face off against Somnus himself. In a climactic showdown, Johnny manages to banish the nightmare king and thwart the Devourer’s resurrection, but not without great personal sacrifice.

      “Ironwood” is a genre-bending urban fantasy that blends hardboiled detective fiction with dark fantasy elements, delivering a gritty, wisecracking, and immersive tale of one man’s struggle to maintain the balance between the magical and the mundane.

      Blending the gritty atmosphere of hardboiled detective fiction with dark fantasy, Ironwood is a genre-bending urban fantasy that subverts tropes while delivering a thrilling and darkly humorous tale. Fans of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files or Neil Gaiman’s American Gods will gravitate toward Johnny Ironwood’s wisecracking, world-weary voice as he battles the Weird to protect the innocent and maintain the delicate balance between realms.

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      Nix and the Junkyard Knights

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      Aine Moonwhisper

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      The Wild Hunt

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      Horned King

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      Goblin Underworld

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      Johnny Ironwood

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      Amalthea Summerisle

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      Belphegor’s Curio Shop

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      Series : Living Author 2.0

      First Publication Date : 2024

      Author : Steven Savile

      Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, Fiction, Urban Fantasy

      Language : English

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

      Cardano Retail Price : 39 ADA

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      Cardano Policy ID : 9432e5184038b900e909777c08cb184a502da149dbfbdc37d235f34f

      Author Info

      Steven Savile

      Steven Savile has written for Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, Stargate, Warhammer, Slaine, Fireborn, Pathfinder, Arkham Horror, Rogue Angel, and other popular game and comic worlds. He won the International Media Association of Tie-In Writers award for his novel, SHADOW OF THE JAGUAR, and the inaugural Lifeboat to the Stars award for TAU CETI (co-authored with International Bestselling novelist Kevin J. Anderson). Writing as Matt Langley his young adult novel BLACK FLAG was a finalist for the P… Read More

      The long-awaited Ogmios Team Adventure Sequel to the bestselling book Silver.
      “I am Solomon. Remember my name.” How could the world forget? The cardinals were dead, murdered with the eyes of the world watching. The people that were supposed to protect them had failed spectacularly. The promise had been for forty days and forty nights of fear. Now the dying has begun with that first burning body in Trafalgar Square.
      Read More

      This unique book, available only as an NFT through, is no half-baked project. It is loaded with cheese and ready to sizzle. Starting from a couple of random comments about “taters” the concept has grown root. In the pages of this book you will not find the boring, regular stories, like “Silence of the Yams,” but true works of Tuber Terror. But be careful, there are a lot of EYES watching, and it’s possible these words will drive you starch raving mad. This is certain to be THE … Read More

      “There is a plague coming….For forty days and forty nights, fear shall savage the streets. Those steeped in sin shall burn. The dying begins now”
      With this chilling message, a wave of terror unlike anything the world has ever seen sweeps the streets of Europe. Thirteen martyrs burn themselves alive in thirteen major cities simultaneously.
      And this is just the beginning.
      A religious cult calling itself the Disciples of Judas has risen in the Middle East. They twist the words of ancient prop… Read More