You Were Built to Create Cool S**t

    A friendly guide to exploring your curiosity and crafting a better world

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      An awakening call for YOU, and every other human’s natural abilities, to be let out of their cages. Creation, curiosity, exploration, deprivation, information (overload): defeat the beast that is you-stopping-you from realizing just how much you have to offer this world by using your creative abilities.


      In this book, you’ll:

      • Rediscover the lost arts of wonder, curiosity, and imagination that fueled your childhood dreams.
      • Challenge the status quo of passive consumption and ignite the spark of active creation.
      • Learn from the luminaries of the past and present who’ve harnessed their innate abilities to craft the world as we know it.
      • Find your unique pathway to contribution, be it through art, business, relationships, or other forms of personal expression.

      “This kid can write! Who knew? This book is a book that everyone should read even if you didn’t ‘create’ the author” – The author’s mom

      “The words from the first chapter of your book touched the fibers of my soul.” – Alexey Alyoshin, YouTube comment
      “I just started reading this book, and it got me thinking about things I haven’t really thought of before. Jack’s writing style makes me feel like a close friend that’s part of the journey.” – Charlize, @itscharszn

      Note from the author: To me, this book serves as the friend I wish I always had, and the words I wish were told to me long ago. Because I can’t travel back in time (yet) I have written this book to suffice. In order to help many others who recognize that they have something only they can offer the world, and that they were quite literally born and built to create cool sh*t.
      In this book, my aim is to be your friend. I’m not trying to have you follow me around and take the same steps as I did. I want you to try what compels you, and to create things that make you lose track of time. I will be here in the pages encouraging you to do so throughout the entire book. If you feel inspired at any point to do something, to act, Ide much rather you drop the book and come back to it later. The book is not going anywhere.

      Numbered eBooks: 500

      Number of Unique Covers: 5

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      eBook Numbers 0 - 24
      (5.00% of Supply)


      Publisher : Jack Friks

      Series : Living Author 2.0

      First Publication Date : 2023

      Author : Jack Friks

      Genres: Creativity, Reference Work, Self-help

      Language : English

      Word Count : 125,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

      Cardano Retail Price : 29 ADA

      Cardano Discount Price : 19 ADA, for wallet holding The Gutenberg Bible

      Purchase Limit: 5

      Cardano Policy ID : 61506080cccfcc33ccafee067c2e47c45e8ec4f4f6270070fa63cf43

      Author Info

      Jack Friks

      Jack Friks is a creative author and the mind behind the book "You Were Built to Create Cool S**t." His website,, reflects his passion for creativity and curiosity. It serves as a hub for those who wish to explore their unique curiosity and engage in creative endeavors. Friks's work is dedicated to helping individuals rediscover their inner creativity and contributing to various fields through innovative thinking. His book, celebrated for its inspirational content, encourages readers … Read More

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