Author - Jack Friks

Jack Friks is a creative author and the mind behind the book "You Were Built to Create Cool S**t." His website,, reflects his passion for creativity and curiosity. It serves as a hub for those who wish to explore their unique curiosity and engage in creative endeavors. Friks's work is dedicated to helping individuals rediscover their inner creativity and contributing to various fields through innovative thinking. His book, celebrated for its inspirational content, encourages readers to break free from passive consumption and actively engage in creating something meaningful. For more information and resources, visit his website at

An awakening call for YOU, and every other human’s natural abilities, to be let out of their cages. Creation, curiosity, exploration, deprivation, information (overload): defeat the beast that is you-stopping-you from realizing just how much you have to offer this world by using your creative abilities.
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