Series : Living Author
      5 ADA

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      Own a piece of Blockchain history by minting’s updated Whitepaper. The very first Decentralized Encrypted Whitepaper that allows owners to buy, sell and share their unique copy. Additionally, 8 randomly selected copies of the Whitepaper contain a “Golden Bookmark” inside the document, which will grant the owner future prizes (more info to come).


      Consumers lack true ownership of their digital books (eBooks or Audiobooks) since they unknowingly purchase a “license to access content” rather than the actual content. This means they cannot sell, give away, or lend their books. Retailers, Publishers, and Authors retain the power to alter or remove content without notifying the purchaser. Moreover, if a consumer cancels a centralized service, they lose access to their purchased digital library. The digital book industry is nearly two decades old and both the licensing terms and the technology infrastructure are antiquated. Consumers now seek ownership of their digital assets. introduces Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs), establishing genuine digital book ownership and revolutionizing the industry for both consumers and creators.

      Numbered eBooks: 5,000

      Number of Unique Covers: 5,000

      Number of 1:1 Covers: 5,000 Whitepaper

      5,000 Unique Designs
      x 1 Numbered eBooks
      = 5,000 NFT eBooks
      (100.00% of Supply)

      Numbered eBooks: 1,000

      Number of Unique Covers: 1,000

      Number of 1:1 Covers: 0 Whitepaper

      1,000 Unique Designs
      x 1,000 Numbered eBooks
      = 1,000,000 NFT eBooks
      (100,000.00% of Supply)


      Publisher :

      Series : Living Author

      First Publication Date : June 30, 2023

      Authors: Joshua Stone, Ben Illian, RJ Regenold

      Genre : Reference Work

      Language : English

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

      Cardano Retail Price : 5 ADA

      Purchase Limit: 10

      Cardano Policy ID : b1f614be8ed0921f2d3fc4d013f2ab076fe62db43b5bdcce686c4377

      Polygon Retail Price : 2 MATIC

      Purchase Limit: 10

      Polygon Contract Address : 0xd15B2bD1d247b1A0666d07deEa57e41ACDb50dDf

      Author Info

      Joshua Stone

      Joshua Stone is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a pioneering company that is transforming the digital book industry. With a keen vision for innovation and a deep passion for literature, Josh has successfully integrated cutting-edge technology with the traditional world of books. Under his leadership, has developed unique solutions that enhance the digital reading experience, making e-books more accessible, interactive, and engaging for readers worldwide.
      Before founding, Josh… Read More

      Own a limited Collector’s Edition of the Whitepaper with 500 one-of-one book covers. is the home for fully decentralized and encrypted Music, Video, Podcasts, and other media you truly own. Gain insight into a new era of digital media and how it will benefit consumers and creators alike.
      Own Your Stuff!
      Read More

      Ben Illian

      Ben Illian, a co-founder at, is leading the charge in the realms of growth, marketing, and forging strategic partnerships. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds delight in leisurely strolls, savoring fine whiskey, tending to his potato crops, and sharing moments of affection with his beloved goat, Little Ben Illian. Read More

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