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    American Dictionary of the English Language

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      The first edition of Webster’s Dictionary, known as “An American Dictionary of the English Language,” was published in 1828 by Noah Webster, an American lexicographer, grammarian, and language reformer.


      Webster’s Dictionary has undergone numerous revisions and editions to keep pace with the evolving English language. Students, writers, scholars, and language enthusiasts trust Webster’s Dictionary for accurate information about words and their meanings. Its rich linguistic content and user-friendly format make it a cornerstone of English language reference materials, widely used and respected worldwide. Continuous updates and revisions ensure that new editions reflect changes in the English language, making it one of the most authoritative and comprehensive dictionaries available.

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      Searching for Words

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      The Leather-bound Lexicon

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      The Shaping of Words

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      The Glossary Gem

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      The Word Wonderland

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      The Alphabet

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      The Universal Language

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      The Lexical Maestro

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      Publisher : Book.io

      First Publication Date : 1828

      Author : Noah Webster

      Genres: Dictionaries, Language, Non-Fiction, Reference Work

      Language : English

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

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      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

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      Author Info

      Noah Webster

      Noah Webster (1758 - 1843), an American lexicographer, language reformer, and author, gained renown for his work in compiling dictionaries and advocating spelling reforms in English.
      Webster actively engaged as a prolific writer and educator, aiming to standardize American English and foster linguistic independence from British English. His most notable achievement involved publishing "An American Dictionary of the English Language" in 1828, recognized as Webster's Dictionary, to offer a compre… Read More