Author - Noah Webster

Noah Webster (1758 - 1843), an American lexicographer, language reformer, and author, gained renown for his work in compiling dictionaries and advocating spelling reforms in English.

Webster actively engaged as a prolific writer and educator, aiming to standardize American English and foster linguistic independence from British English. His most notable achievement involved publishing "An American Dictionary of the English Language" in 1828, recognized as Webster's Dictionary, to offer a comprehensive resource for American English speakers.

In addition to his lexicographic pursuits, Webster authored numerous textbooks, spelling books, and educational works, significantly contributing to American education and culture.

He established a lasting legacy in lexicography and language reform through his influential contributions.

The first edition of Webster’s Dictionary, known as “An American Dictionary of the English Language,” was published in 1828 by Noah Webster, an American lexicographer, grammarian, and language reformer.
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