War of the Worlds – Lottery
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This is your chance to own the fourth release in the Book Token Classics: Monster Editions. War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells first appeared serialized in 1897, and was published as a hardcover in 1898. It is one of the earliest stories to detail a conflict between mankind and an extra-terrestrial race. The novel is one of the most commented-on works in the science fiction cannon.

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Lottery & Book Info

• Equal chance at #0000 and #0001 which are included in the Lottery

• Each NFT eBook cost 49 ₳DA / 40 ₳DA for #OGBookClub
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• DEA (Decentralize Encrypted Asset) NFT eBook contains over 63,000 words
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Book Rarity

The Invasion
35 Unique Designs
x 15 Numbered eBooks
= 525 eBooks
(47.9% of Supply)

The Martians
34 Unique Designs (5 shown above)
x 10 Numbered eBooks
= 340 eBooks
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The Harvest
15 Unique Designs (5 shown above)
x 8 Numbered eBooks
= 120 eBooks
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The Panic
10 Unique Designs (5 shown above)
x 5 Numbered eBooks
= 50 eBooks
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The Weed
9 Unique Designs (5 shown above)
x 3 Numbered eBooks
= 27 eBooks
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The Star
9 Unique Designs (5 shown above)
x 2 Numbered eBook
= 18 eBooks
(1.6% of Supply)

The Refugees
8 Unique Designs (5 shown above)
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 8 eBooks
(0.7% of Supply)

The Attack
7 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 7 eBooks
(0.6% of Supply)

The Pathogen
4 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 4 eBooks
(0.4% of Supply)

About this Book

From Wikipedia: The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel by English author H. G. Wells, first serialised in 1897 by Pearson’s Magazine in the UK and by Cosmopolitan magazine in the US. The novel’s first appearance in hardcover was in 1898 from publisher William Heinemann of London. Written between 1895 and 1897, it is one of the earliest stories to detail a conflict between mankind and an extra-terrestrial race. The novel is the first-person narrative of both an unnamed protagonist in Surrey and of his younger brother in London as southern England is invaded by Martians. The novel is one of the most commented-on works in the science fiction canon.

The book’s plot was similar to numerous works of invasion literature which were published around the same period, and has been variously interpreted as a commentary on the theory of evolution, British colonialism, and Victorian-era fears, superstitions and prejudices. Wells later noted that an inspiration for the plot was the catastrophic effect of European colonisation on the Aboriginal Tasmanians; some historians have argued that Wells wrote the book in part to encourage his readership to question the morality of imperialism. At the time of the book’s publication, it was classified as a scientific romance, like Wells’s earlier novel The Time Machine.

The War of the Worlds has been both popular (having never been out of print) and influential, spawning half a dozen feature films, radio dramas, a record album, various comic book adaptations, a number of television series, and sequels or parallel stories by other authors. It was most memorably dramatized in a 1938 radio program directed by and starring Orson Welles that allegedly caused public panic among listeners who did not know the book’s events were fictional. The novel has even influenced the work of scientists, notably Robert H. Goddard, who, inspired by the book, helped develop both the liquid-fuelled rocket and multistage rocket, which resulted in the Apollo 11 Moon landing 71 years later.

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