The Fixer – Lawson Vampire Series Book 1

by Jon F. Merz — eBook

Not every vampire likes drinking blood…


Meet Lawson: vampire by birth, Fixer by trade. His mission: preserve the secret existence of living vampires by any means necessary.There’s just one problem -his oldest enemy Cosgrove is back, killing humans and threatening to unleash an ancient unholy evil. Can Lawson stop Cosgrove and still adhere to the very laws he has sworn to uphold by not falling for a beautiful human assassin named Talya?

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About this Book
There’s a shadow race that has existed alongside humanity for millennia. Carefully intermingled and yet separate, vampire society has evolved and prospered mainly thanks to the tireless work of Fixers -operatives trained to deal with any threat that might compromise the secret existence of their race.


Lawson is a seasoned, cynical, and sarcasticFixer assigned to the Boston area of operations. He bristles whenever he has to deal with the Council, the governing body of vampires who dispense the laws -and sanctions -that Lawson must enforce. So when his oldest enemy, a psychopath named Cosgrove, comes to town and starts leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, Lawson’s ready to put him down -with or without the Council’s blessing.


But someone else has Cosgrove in their sights: a beautiful and lethal human assassin tutored by the Soviets and blooded in the wilds of Afghanistan. She’s in town for payback and isn’t about to let someone like Lawson get in her way. Now even as these two professionals careen toward one another on a collision course, Cosgrove is busy killing for another reason entirely: he wants to raise the spirit of an ancient vampire god -one so terribly evil that its rebirth threatens the fate of not just vampire society, but of humanity as well.


This is the first book in the bestselling Lawson Vampire series, a thrilling blend of crime, espionage, and magic that spans over 43 adventures to-date.


“Lawson is like Jason Bourne with fangs…” -Booklist


“A powerful novel by a man who knows the turf.” -NYT Bestselling author Robert. B. Parker on THE FIXER


“An action novel with real bite. Jon F. Merz brings his A-game and then ratchets it up to a whole new level of supernatural action. Highly recommended!” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of The Dragon Factory and Patient Zero


“Jon F. Merz’s novels move at a break-neck pace, twisting through a landscape of thrills and terror.” –Douglas Clegg, author of The Infinite and The Priest of Blood


“If James Bond, True Blood and Kill Bill created a mutant hybrid of a book, it would be The Kensei.A bullet train slice ’em, dice ’em mixture of action, suspense, and vampire ninjas. Did I mention vampire ninjas?”–Jason Pinter, bestselling author of The Fury and The Darkness
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