The Attack on Vitalik Issue 3 – Lottery

by Bajuzki Studios — eBook

The Attack on Vitalik is the first comic book title publishedon the Cardanoblockchain,createdby bajuzki studios. The third issuefollows our main characters –Charles, the monster hunter, and Vitalik, the Vampire Master –as they prepare for a war against each other. However, when new information comes to light, it completely shatters everything Charles thought he knew.

Note: The 1st and 2nd issues were released outside the platform a year ago.

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Equal chance at #0000 and #0001 which are included in the Lottery

Each eBook cost 99 ADA/ 89 ADA for #OGBookClub
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About this Book
The Attack on Vitalik comics series followsourthreemain characters –Charles, Ada and Vitalik–as they try to outsmart each other and win their endless battle.The story is set in a fantasy world full ofdeadly monsters determined to eliminate humankind.


Charles is amonster hunter and thefirst member of his familyto be born with the sign of falcon. This means he isdestined to beastrongwarrior and an unprecedentedleader;however, italso awakensVitalik, the Vampire Master.


Vitalik is one of the oldest vampires in the worldand the most dangerous oneby far. Nobody who crosses him ever lives to tell the tale, and with each victory,Vitalik only grows stronger. Combined with his immortality, inhuman speed and strength, it looks like Charles does not stand a chance against him.


Luckily, a brilliant scientist, Ada, offers her help to defeat Vitalik once and for all. Ada comes from a noble family, whichhas granted her endless opportunities to learn and educate herself. She has used this privilege to become one of the most progressive inventors the world has ever seen. Her technology is unmatched, and her designs are unreadable to anyone but Ada.


The captivating story is complemented bybeautifulillustrations to provide a fully immersive experience to our readers.
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