Hot Shot’s Mistake – Lottery
by Gina Azzi — eBook

Hot Shot’s Mistake is book 1 in the Tennessee Thunderbolts hockey romance series. If you love workplace romances and small-town vibes, you’ll adore the heat and sweet that erupts between reformed bad boy Devon Hardt and grief-stricken physical therapist Mila Lewis. Hot Shot’s Mistake is set around Knoxville, TN and establishes the foundation of a heartwarming series filled with hockey, love, friendship, humor, and the significance of finding your place among a chosen family.

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Lottery & Book Info

• Equal chance at #0000 and #0001 which are included in the Lottery

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Book Rarity

The Hike
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About this Book

Tangling up with my new physical therapist, Mila Lewis, is a mistake.

One I can’t seem to stop making.

When I sign with the Tennessee Thunderbolts, I have two goals: prove my injury hasn’t benched my career and get back to New York.

But then, I meet Mila, the enigmatic therapist tasked with rehabbing my shoulder.

With her long ponytail, professional demeanor, and girl-next-door look, Mila is nothing like my usual type. She’s better—a good girl with sad eyes and a tragic past our small-town loves to dissect.

With the entire town up in her business, our budding connection is far from simple. I’m not staying, and Mila will never leave.

Deep down, I know I should walk away and let her find the happily-ever-after she deserves.

But I can’t. Not without showing her that it could be me.

And that may be the biggest mistake of all.

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