GlobaTech Collection Books 1-3

by James P Sumner — eBook

This incredible set brings together three genre-defining political action thrillers, along with stunning artwork based on the stories. The complete GlobaTech series is collected here, along with an exclusive reading companion offering sample chapters of EVERY novel by the author, plus reading orders compiled by James himself – perfect for the full reading experience!

Collector’s Limited
700 numbered eBooks
162 Unique Cover Designs
119 1:1 Cover Designs

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Book Minting Info

Equal chance at #0000 and #0001 which are included in the Mint

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Book Rarity

“Danger Close”
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eBook Numbers 445 – 699
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14 Unique Designs
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“Crossfire” rare
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“Danger Close” rare
26 Unique Designs
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About this Book

GlobaTech Industries is the world’s leading private security firm and military contractor. First seen the bestselling Adrian Hell series, they now star in their own. This incredible omnibus contains the first three action-packed techno-thrillers in this popular series:

Jericho Stone is betrayed and left for dead by the people he worked for. Alone in a world devastated by a terrorist attack, his only thought is revenge. Josh Winters runs GlobaTech Industries, and is putting together an elite unit of operatives whose sole purpose is to find the people responsible for the terrorist attack. He may be the ally Jericho desperately needs.

Jericho Stone and Julie Fisher are assigned to protect a businessman whose life and family are threatened due to his involvement with his criminal clients. Ray Collins tries to take a vacation, but his dark past catches up to him, forcing him into an impossible situation. GlobaTech’s most elite unit is on a collision course they can’t see coming.

Jericho Stone leads a force of GlobaTech troops hired to protect the leader of a foreign nation when their country is threatened by civil war. A tragic event leads to chaos, and Jericho is trapped overseas between warring factions of another country’s military. Julie Fisher and Ray Collins do what they can back home to find those responsible for the political disaster before it’s too late. Meanwhile, GlobaTech itself faces a unique threat that could destroy everything they’ve built.

These intelligent thrillers are packed with gripping action and political intrigue, and are available together for the first time in this great-value collection. If you’re a fan of Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, or Chris Ryan, you won’t be able to put these down!

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