Weird Music That Goes on Forever

    A Punk's Guide to Loving Jazz

    Series : Pop Culture
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      Once you’ve collected every 7″ from your favorite label, broken your back in the mosh pit, and become so well-versed in the interpersonal dynamics of every hardcore band that there’s nothing more to learn, what’s a punk to do? Try jazz, recommends Bob Suren. No, really. Suren, who wrote Crate Digger about his life and work in punk, turns his obsessive gaze onto another form of rebellious, improvisational outsider music, but this time with more sax.


      What does Dixieland have in common with D.R.I.? Did Charles Mingus write the first punk song? And who was the Butthole Surfer of jazz? Suren answers these questions and many more. Reading his irreverent guide to jazz, filled with punk references and colorful language, is more fun than getting arrested for vandalism. Learn about the surprising history and scandalous etymology of jazz, explore its connections to punk, and take in biographical sketches of over 25 notable artists—with plenty of recommendations thrown in for your listening pleasure.

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      The Punk Rock

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      The Live Music Stage

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      The Bands

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      The Jazz

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      The Vinyls

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      The Fusion of Music

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      Publisher : Microcosm Pub

      Series : Pop Culture

      First Publication Date : 2024

      Author : Bob Suren

      Genre : Music Criticism

      Language : English

      Word Count : 64,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

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      Author Info

      Bob Suren

      Bob Suren spent decades as a professional punk rocker, playing in bands, releasing records, running a store and a distribution company, writing for zines, shooting photos, and booking shows. Now he's kind of into jazz.Read an interview with Bob on our blog. Read More

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