The Twelve Chapters of the Infinite Night

    Series : Living Author
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      One pivotal day, in twelve different lives to secure our eternal salvation… all we have to do is cooperate. Twelve people with opposing agendas, frequenting three different eras of earth’s history, are all experiencing their most vital day of entanglement with an ancient sutra. Across time and space, can these souls possibly achieve unity, to preserve sacred knowledge that could ultimately free us from our hidden oppressors?

      Another romp through a spiritual evolution of our kind via the archetypes within each of us. From the mistress of time travel and other metaphysical mischief, Traci Harding.


      We’ve been at war with them for our entire existence, yet completely blind to their machinations. Etheric parasites are secretly infecting the world’s population, feeding off the cosmic light of our spirit forms that connect us to higher dimensions. Our ancestors warned us about these dark, manipulative beings, known as Nagas and Archons.  An inter-dimensional porthole incident in ancient Ur saw Earth sprinkled with deposits of a black liquid crystal goo, which is Archon consciousness made manifest. This organic AI, incompatible with our carbon-based forms, psychically manipulates leaders and world governments to pursue a trans-human, mechanised agenda.  As once man has integrated with technology, the Archons can physically invade our bodies and absorb us completely. 

      Through the cycles of time, our Inter-dweller has been replaying history, guiding us to make the right choices to free ourselves. And yet we are all still here, playing out our roles of the innocent, the lover, the healer, the warrior, the seeker, the destroyer, the ruler, the sage, the creator, the orphan, the magician, and the fool. 

      With opposing agendas, we frequent three different eras of Earth’s history, yet we are all experiencing a vital day of entanglement with an ancient sutra.  Despite the time and space that separates us, will we finally follow our Inter-dweller’s guidance and uphold the sacred knowledge that will ultimately free us from our hidden oppressors? 

      Another romp through a spiritual evolution of our kind via the archetypes within each of us. From the mistress of time travel and other metaphysical mischief, Traci Harding.

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      Herodotus – The Seeker

      27 Unique Designs
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      The Inner Earth City of Agartha

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      eBook Numbers 379 – 483
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      Amari – The Healer

      14 Unique Designs
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      eBook Numbers 295 – 378
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      The Ancient City of Vyashapura

      13 Unique Designs
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      eBook Numbers 230 – 294
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      Taylay – The Magician

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      eBook Numbers 186 -229
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      Limrani – The Warrior

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      Dilan – The Lover

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      eBook Numbers 129 – 156
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      The Transhumans

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      The Naga Raja

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      The Heart of the Naga

      21 Unique Designs
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      Tamous – The Innocent

      18 Unique Designs
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      The Gate of Days

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      The Satura Cave

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      The Archons

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      eBook Numbers 0 – 12
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      Publisher : Traci Harding

      Series : Living Author

      First Publication Date : December 2022

      Author : Traci Harding

      Genres: Fantasy Fiction, Fiction, High Fantasy, Metaphysical Fiction, Science Fiction

      Language : English

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

      Cardano Retail Price : 49 ADA

      Cardano Discount Price : 39 ADA, #OGBookClub

      Purchase Limit: 10

      Cardano Policy ID : fa1a9fe50ba15c82f9fc18c8fdb25c745769061991c0c6c100cad960

      Author Info

      Traci Harding

      Traci Harding is a Science/Fantasy Novelist, published through HarperCollins/Voyager Australia, Brio Books, Bolinda Audio and She has released twenty-two novels to date that blend fantasy, fact, esoteric theory, time travel and quantum physics, into adventurous romps through history, alternative dimensions, universes and states of consciousness.
      Since its release in 1996, her Ancient Future Trilogy has had over fifty reprints and five editions. The first book of the series made the … Read More

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