Author - Traci Harding

Traci Harding is a Science/Fantasy Novelist, published through HarperCollins/Voyager Australia, Brio Books, Bolinda Audio and She has released twenty-two novels to date that blend fantasy, fact, esoteric theory, time travel and quantum physics, into adventurous romps through history, alternative dimensions, universes and states of consciousness.

Since its release in 1996, her Ancient Future Trilogy has had over fifty reprints and five editions. The first book of the series made the ABC’s list of “the Most Loved Books of All Time” (2010) and “Australia’s Top 100 Homegrown Reads” (2013). ‘The Ancient Future’ became an Australian best-seller in its first month of release, and in 2014 the omnibus shot into the Amazon US top 5 Science/Fantasy books.  The Mystique Trilogy (2005-2008) has been published in Russian, Czech, Slavic, Greek and Romanian. The first book of her Timekeepers Trilogy, ‘Dreaming of Zhou Gong’, was selected as one of the “50 books you can’t put down – National Get Reading Campaign 2013”.  Every Harding novel since ‘The Ancient Future’ has debuted in the top 10 on the Science/Fantasy best-sellers list soon after publication.

The Ancient Future Trilogy Limited Edition Hardcover Box Set was released through Brio Books in 2022, to celebrate its 25th anniversary in release.  This trilogy, and the entire thirteen book series, is currently being developed as TV series by Film Brand Management, London.

Traci’s latest release, ‘The Twelve Chapters of the Infinite Night’, has been published in all formats.  It has also been released as an NFT collection in May 2023 through US based blockchain publisher, Traci is the first Australian Fiction Author to publish her work as a Decentralised Encrypted Asset (DEA) on the Cardano Blockchain.  Traci aims to release more of her best-selling titles through in the not too distant future.

Traci is currently working on book number fourteen in The Ancient Future Series, with the working title of ’Sorcha’s Story’, and on the third series of “Stellium’, her Storytime Audio Series on Patreon.

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One pivotal day, in twelve different lives to secure our eternal salvation… all we have to do is cooperate. Twelve people with opposing agendas, frequenting three different eras of earth’s history, are all experiencing their most vital day of entanglement with an ancient sutra. Across time and space, can these souls possibly achieve unity, to preserve sacred knowledge that could ultimately free us from our hidden oppressors?
Another romp through a spiritual evolution of our kind via the arch… Read More