The Golden Ass

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      Apuleius wrote “The Golden Ass,” also known as “Metamorphoses,” an ancient Roman novel in the second century AD. The story follows Lucius, a young man who, after experimenting with magic, transforms into a donkey. This transformation leads Lucius on whimsical adventures where he encounters diverse characters and experiences both humor and profundity.


      Readers celebrate “The Golden Ass” for its blend of satire, humor, and philosophical inquiry. Through Lucius’ misadventures, the novel delves into themes such as the nature of transformation, the consequences of indulgence, and the pursuit of enlightenment. Set against the backdrop of the Roman Empire, the story provides readers with a glimpse into the social and cultural milieu of the ancient world, offering both entertainment and insights into the human condition.

      As one of the few surviving Roman novels, “The Golden Ass” occupies a unique place in classical literature. Its enduring popularity demonstrates its timeless appeal and its ability to resonate with readers across cultures and generations. Whether valued for its comedic elements, its philosophical depth, or its vivid portrayal of ancient life, “The Golden Ass” continues to captivate and inspire readers today.

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      Publisher :

      Series : Flash Mint

      First Publication Date : 160 AD

      Author : Apuleius

      Genres: Fiction, Novel, Philosophical Fiction, Roman Literature, Satire

      Language : English

      Word Count : 100,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

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      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

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      Author Info


      Apuleius, known as Lucius Apuleius Madaurensis, lived in the second century AD and was a Roman writer. He gained fame for his novel "The Golden Ass," also titled "Metamorphoses," which stands as one of the earliest surviving examples of the novel form in Western literature. In addition to his literary pursuits, Apuleius was a philosopher and a scholar of Plato. He authored numerous works on philosophy and rhetoric, offering significant insights into the intellectual and cultural landscape of the… Read More

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