The Argonautica

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      “The Argonautica,” also known as “Jason and the Argonauts,” is a Greek epic poem written by Apollonius Rhodius.  It is divided into four books and comprises around 5,000 lines of hexameter verse.



      “The Argonautica” stands as a notable contribution to the realm of Greek epic poetry, enriching the tapestry of classical mythology and tales of heroes.

      The title “Argonautica” symbolizes the expedition of the Argonauts, a band of Greek heroes led by Jason, who set sail on the ship Argo in pursuit of the Golden Fleece. The poem predominantly delves into the adventures of the Argonauts throughout their quest.

      This epic recounts the narrative of Jason and the Argonauts as they undertake a perilous journey to Colchis (modern-day Georgia) with the aim of retrieving the Golden Fleece. The quest entails encounters with mythical creatures, trials, and interactions with gods and goddesses.

      Adapted into various literary forms, art, and cinema across the ages, the tale of the Argonauts maintains its enduring popularity. Jason and the Argonauts remain iconic figures in the landscape of Western mythology.

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      The Symplegades

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      The Sirens

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      The Myth of Jason

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      The Golden Fleece

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      The Colchian Dragon

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      The Sorceress Madea

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      The Harpies

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      Publisher :

      Series : Classics

      First Publication Date : 250 BCE

      Author : Apollonius Rhodius

      Genres: Adventure Fiction, Classics, Epic Poem, Fiction, Mythology, Romance

      Language : English

      Word Count : 38,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

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      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

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      Author Info

      Apollonius Rhodius

      Apollonius Rhodius (c. 295–c. 215 BCE) was an ancient Greek poet and scholar known for his major work, "The Argonautica."He is noted for his polished and refined style of writing, which differed from the more grandiose styles of earlier epic poets like Homer. His work is considered an important example of Hellenistic literature.
      While Apollonius Rhodius is not as widely known as some other ancient Greek poets, his work "The Argonautica" has retained significance for its contribution to the li… Read More

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