A Zombie’s History of the United States

    From the Massacre at Plymouth Rock to the CIA's Secret War on the Undead

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      Uncover the haunting true history of the United States–one shaped by struggle, violence, and the constant threat of the undead.


      Shedding light on 500 years of suppression, this shocking exposé reveals the pivotal role in American history played by its most invisible minority—zombies.

      From colonization and revolution to World Wars and global hegemony, A Zombie’s History of the United States tells the powerful and moving stories of this country’s living-dead underclass, including:

      •The zombie massacre of European colonists at Plymouth Rock
      •The gruesome killing of a zombinated Meriwether Lewis by his fellow explorer William Clark
      •The doomed defense of the Alamo against hordes of the attacking undead
      •The heroic, platoon-saving charge into a hail of German fire by an undead Lt. Audie Murphy
      •The top-secret NASA missions that launched(and often lost) zombies into space
      •The anti-terrorist program to stop the weaponization of the zombie virus

      Numbered eBooks: 500

      Number of Unique Covers: 244

      Number of 1:1 Covers: 147

      The Massacre at Plymouth Rock

      62 Unique Designs
      x 4 Numbered eBooks
      = 248 NFT eBooks
      eBook Numbers 252-499
      (49.60% of Supply)

      The Elimination of the Zombie Virus Weapon

      35 Unique Designs
      x 3 Numbered eBooks
      = 105 NFT eBooks
      eBook Numbers 147-251
      (21.00% of Supply)

      The Battle of the Alamo Against the Undead

      42 Unique Designs
      x 1 Numbered eBooks
      = 42 NFT eBooks
      eBook Numbers 105-146
      (8.40% of Supply)

      The Undead Lt. Audie Murphy Charge

      38 Unique Designs
      x 1 Numbered eBooks
      = 38 NFT eBooks
      eBook Numbers 67-104
      (7.60% of Supply)

      The Zombies in Space

      37 Unique Designs
      x 1 Numbered eBooks
      = 37 NFT eBooks
      eBook Numbers 30-66
      (7.40% of Supply)

      The Killing of Zombie Lewis by Clark

      30 Unique Designs
      x 1 Numbered eBooks
      = 30 NFT eBooks
      eBook Numbers 0-29
      (6.00% of Supply)


      Publisher : Ulysses Press

      Series : Living Author 2.0

      First Publication Date : October 2020

      Author : Dr. Worm Miller

      Genres: History, Horror, Humor

      Language : English

      Word Count : 115,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : Book.io eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

      Cardano Retail Price : 59 ADA

      Cardano Discount Price : 29 ADA, for wallet holding White Trash Warlock and The Gutenberg Bible

      Purchase Limit: 3

      Cardano Policy ID : 72642f95a072f0109313b137a0b6a21df791b5670845113d7c05a692

      Author Info

      Dr. Worm Miller

      Dr. Worm Miller, also known as, Josh Miller was born, raised, coddled, and educated in the frosty wastes of suburban Minnesota before moving to Los Angeles. He writes film criticism for CHUD.com, as well as comedy pieces for SomethingAwful.com and MadAtoms.com. He is a script writer for Fox Digital Studios and the co-writer of several movies he doesn't want you to see. Read More

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