Author - Lydia Hicks

Lydia Hicks also known as Lydia Poulteney holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Theory and Practice from the University of Kent. As a former Air Hostess, Lydia has traveled the world, exploring new countries as well as well as meeting some pretty crazy characters, from the royal family to Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas... but unfortunately no one as eclectic as the Simpsonians of Springfield, as it seems the planes just couldn't decide whether or not to land in Springfield Massachusetts or Springfield Illinois! Along with her fiancé James Hicks, they created the YouTube channel The Simpsons Theory in 2020, which concentrates on the mysteries of the show that furthers its geographical location.

The Simpsons Merchandise Guide for all Simpsons Lovers.
This quirky book unleashes the entire story of all Simpsons merchandise, spanning decades. Lydia and James Hicks, authors of the bestselling The Simpsons Secret, partner with Warren Evans, the Bart of Darkness, to detail a massive collection of rare Simpsons memorabilia.
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Have You Ever Wondered How “The Simpsons” Predict the Future?
Then, The Simpsons Secret is the book for you. Delve into some of the biggest predictions that came true on the show, and just how the Simpsons predict the future.
500 sequentially numbered eBooks
Single Cover Design
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