08 June 2022 Update

  • Passbase KYC integration review with team, integrated into the Token Crowdsale functionality
  • Looked at the NFT Gate Proof-of-concept, successfully pulling multiple wallets (Nami and Eternl), wrote all of this in RUST instead of Haskell because Emurgo put out a library for “Message Signing” – has a great WASM support so we can cross-compile the Javascript
  • We now support any wallet that implements CIP-0030 (all dated versions)
  • Architecting how we can develop our own CIP-0030 wallet
  • Planning for upcoming Blockchain conference, where to attend/exhibit
  • New video scripts in development
  • More publisher meetings coming up next week
  • Reviewing law firms in Cayman
  • Publisher NFT agreement in development with two separate law firms
  • Reviewing launchpad type sites for the coin launch
  • CTO completed his electric fence for his pet goats
  • New personal best Rubik’s cube time, 3min 16sec
  • Everyone bought Tiny Dinos

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