01 June 2022 Update

  • Alpha version of the application is moving forward and we’re super excited about it
  • In the weeds creating the Web-based DRM solution based on the Redium LCP spec
  • Investigating using Blockfrost for node, ipfs synch possibly
  • Building out browser-based wallet integration to sign for a piece of data
  • Building the NFT ownership validation model: validates that you own the NFT, also to access the private social book clubs, and private discord servers
  • Passbase KYC integration getting merged into main branch
  • Cardano Whale said something about us: https://bit.ly/3aduhJt
  • The backend token swap is built and complete minus displaying the transaction for the user in their account
  • Working with our law firm (https://www.mofo.com/) (sidenote: we didn’t choose them cuz they go by MoFo, but it sure as hell makes a lot of sense). Since no one has ever done what we’re doing, there is a lot of obstacles. Working on publisher distribution agreements (because we already have a number of publishers ready to sign with us) but no one has the correct language for digital NFT distribution yet so we have to invent it.
  • Moving forward with integrating with the world’s largest on-demand print resource (https://www.ingramcontent.com) about mint & print, which would allow us to bundle print books with NFT purhases
  • Continue working with and forming partnership with other Cardano projects
  • Watched the Depp v Heard verdict

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