Brawler’s Weakness

by Gina Azzi — eBook

Brawler’s Weakness is book 2 in the Tennessee Thunderbolts hockey romance series. If the sunshine/grumpy trope or single-dad romances are your jam, you will fall in love with the protective and grouchy hockey brawler, Axel Daire, and the eternally optimistic and soulful artist, Maisy Stratford. Read on as they navigate their personal hang-ups, fears, and unexpected feelings to discover that together, happily-ever-after is possible.

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About this Book

There’s only one woman I truly care about: my daughter. Until Maisy Stratford flounces into the front office of the Tennessee Thunderbolts with a heartfelt smile and a tray of baked goods.
As the Bolts’ newest hire, Maisy is optimistic, enthusiastic, and a goddess at manifestation.

Everything I’m not.
Known as Brawler, I’m a gruff, quiet, rough-around-the-edges, NHL defenseman. I haven’t dated in decades. I’ve never been married and my daughter’s a twenty-one-year-old mischief maker. I don’t know how to talk about feelings or place my trust in the hands of a woman. Even one with a heart of gold.

With my daughter Lola egging me on, I finally ask Maisy out.
But I don’t want to be her rebound; I want to be her forever. Even if I don’t know how to tell her that. Even if she’s not ready for me.
If I’m being honest, I’m not ready for her either.

Brawler’s Weakness is book 2 of the Tennessee Thunderbolts Hockey Series.

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