Author - Wilhelm Grimm

Wilhelm Grimm (1786–1859) was a German folklorist, linguist, and author, best known as one of the Brothers Grimm, alongside his elder brother Jacob Grimm.

Born in Hanau, Germany, Wilhelm Grimm studied law at the University of Marburg alongside his brother Jacob. Together, they embarked on a lifelong collaboration in academia, folklore research, and literary pursuits. Their most famous work, "Children's and Household Tales" (Kinder- und Hausmärchen), commonly known as "Grimms' Fairy Tales," was first published in 1812 and contained 86 stories. Subsequent editions expanded the collection to include more tales, and it remains one of the most beloved and influential collections of folklore worldwide.

Wilhelm Grimm's scholarly interests extended beyond folklore and linguistics. He also wrote on subjects such as medieval literature, mythology, and legal history. Alongside his brother Jacob, Wilhelm played a crucial role in shaping the study of Germanic languages and folklore during the 19th century.

Wilhelm Grimm's legacy as a pioneering folklorist and linguist endures to this day, and his contributions to the study of language, literature, and folklore continue to be celebrated worldwide.

“Grimms’ Fairy Tales,” compiled by the renowned brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, this beloved anthology brings together a treasure trove of German folklore and fairy tales. Originally published in 1812 as “Children’s and Household Tales,” the collection showcases a rich tapestry of oral traditions passed down through the ages.
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