Author - Vector Meldrew

Vector Meldrew went on to become a globally recognized crypto artist, VJ and creative, selling out NFT collections on every major marketplace, as well as auctioning pieces at Bonhams. He has taught storytelling at Hyper Island and worked with some of the largest brands and story worlds on the planet, including the James Bond franchise and Activision Blizzard.

Welcome to Broadside
A metaverse community fighting for a better tomorrow.
Broadside is a book. A game. A solarpunk storyworld. A dayglo mesh network. A culture. A robot wrecking crew in ski-masks. We are the most hyped community in the open metaverse, and the world we are building is a blueprint for brighter days.
Broadside: The Collector’s Edition is the first time this story is being made available to a wider audience of collectors and represents a new way to join the community.
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