Author - Sooraj K. Saju

Hello, I'm Sooraj, a medical doctor turned blockchain educator and author. I've established myself as a leading voice within the Cardano ecosystem and the broader blockchain space.

My Mission: To make blockchain fundamentals accessible to all through my content and educational resources.

My Portfolio: Author of "A 3-Step Metrics-Based Assessment Framework for Layer1 Blockchains." Creator of the "Just the Metrics" weekly newsletter, curating the most relevant news and insights from the crypto ecosystem. Influencer within the Cardano ecosystem with viral threads and content.

The First Book in Crypto that provides a metric-based Assessment Framework to evaluate Layer1 Blockchains. This book is dedicated to anyone who wants to learn how to assess Layer 1 Proof of Stake Blockchains from a fundamental metrics point of view and would like to form their own well-founded opinion away from the hype.
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