Author - Seneca

Seneca, full name Lucius Annaeus Seneca, was a prominent Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, and playwright who lived from around 4 BCE to 65 CE. He is often referred to as Seneca the Younger to distinguish him from his father, Seneca the Elder. He was a leading figure in the Stoic school of philosophy, which emphasized the importance of virtue, reason, and self-control in achieving a tranquil and contented life. His writings, including letters, essays, and dialogues, explore Stoic principles and provide practical guidance on living a virtuous life.

Seneca's works remain widely read and studied today, and his contributions to Stoic philosophy have left an enduring legacy in the history of Western thought.

Seneca’s “Dialogues” encompass diverse letters and essays, delving into a broad spectrum of philosophical themes and offering practical guidance for embracing Stoic principles in daily living.
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