Author - Johnston McCulley

Johnston McCulley (1883–1958) was an American author best known for creating the character Zorro. Born on February 2, 1883, in Ottawa, Illinois, McCulley wrote in various genres, including crime, adventure, and romance. He was a prolific writer, and his works often appeared in pulp magazines.

McCulley's most famous creation, Zorro, first appeared in the serialized novel "The Curse of Capistrano" in 1919. The story introduced the masked vigilante Zorro, who fought against corrupt officials in Spanish California. The success of the character led to a series of Zorro novels, as well as numerous film and television adaptations.

In addition to Zorro, McCulley wrote in a variety of genres, producing works in detective fiction, historical romance, and adventure. While Zorro remains his most enduring creation, Johnston McCulley's contributions to popular literature have left a lasting legacy, and his character Zorro has become an iconic figure in the realms of swashbuckling adventure and pulp fiction.

“The Mark of Zorro” is a novel written by Johnston McCulley, first published in 1919. The story has been adapted into various films, television series, and other media over the years. The novel introduces the character of Zorro, a masked vigilante who defends the oppressed in Spanish California during the era of Mexican rule.
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