Author - Ignacio J. Durruty

Danketsu is a cross-chain community-driven gamified multimedia experience, launched in September 2021.
  • Created over 1000 pages of comic/story/wiki/screenplay with community voting and decisions:
  • Onboarded 10 musicians (including but not limited to, NASTASIA, songwriter for Beyonce, Lenii, Usher's producer, Billy Martin, lead guitarist for Good Charlotte, etc) to the blockchain and released songs with community involvement that have over 2 million streams:
  • Created a gamification platform (Danketsu Hustle) that utilizes its $NINJAZ token and NFTs while incorporating lore and the blockchain
Also provide this platform as a white-label service to 23 Cardano projects, now expanding to Polygon in 3 Phases

Own the first of many books, light novels, and manga-comics by Danketsu. The Blacksmith Origin is the first piece of literature by the Danketsu team, written in September 2021, to pay homage to the origins of the Danketsu world. The story is set in the 10th century, with excerpts from the 21st Century as well.
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