The Incident

    Series : Living Author
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      Where do you run when the good guys want you dead?

      Is Special Agent Sam Jameson in love with a traitor?

      The INCIDENT is the explosive two-volume opener to USA Today and international #1 bestselling author Lars Emmerich’s million-selling Sam Jameson thriller series. Fast, fun, edgy, dark, smart, iconic –now available in thistwo-for-oneNFT Collector’s Limited Edition.


      “I died?”

      Special Agent Sam Jameson is having a bad week. People are trying to kill her.

      That would be business as usual in the counterespionage world, except that it’s the good guys who have her in the crosshairs.

      Why are the DC Metro police trying to kidnap her? Do her bosses at Homeland want her in a body bag, too?

      And why does everyone she talks to seem to end up in the morgue?

      Will a ruthless mercenary, a hapless American traitor, and a dead man’s cryptic clue hold the key to Sam’s survival? As the noose tightens around her neck, Sam must uncover a brutal and deadly conspiracy before she becomes its next victim.

      This special two-volume edition of THE INCIDENT is your introduction to USA Today Bestselling Author Lars Emmerich’s runaway international hit Sam Jameson series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans in 17 countries.

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      The Escape

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      The Jungle

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      The Explosion

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      The Capital

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      The Weather

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      The Takeoff

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      The Fight

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      The Agent

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      The Boss

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      The Leap

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      The Guerrillas

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      Series : Living Author

      First Publication Date : December 18, 2016

      Author : Lars Emmerich

      Genres: Fiction, Novel, Trilogy

      Language : English

      Word Count : 100,000

      Format : DEA (Decentralized Encrypted Asset)

      Read On : eReader dApp

      Cover Art : Includes 4K hi-resolution book cover

      Cardano Retail Price : 59 ADA

      Cardano Discount Price : 49 ADA, #OGBookClub

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      Author Info

      Lars Emmerich

      Lars Emmerich is a retired fighter pilot, entrepreneur, investor, and musician. He writes about good guys with a bad streak and bad guys with a few redeeming qualities.
      He is the author of the million-selling Sam Jameson series. He lives in Colorado with his family and his neuroses. He's either hard at work on the next novel in the series, or he's procrastinating. Usually the latter.
      Stop by to pick up a free digital copy of The Incident: Inferno Rising, the runaway b… Read More

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