Author - Michael G. Thomas Jr.

A remarkable trailblazer in the financial services profession hailing from Gary, IN whose resilience, grace, and unwavering hope inspires him to keep breaking through barriers to promote financial well-being and sustainable wealth creation in the Black community.

With his exceptional skills as an empathetic communicator and financial thought leader, he’s captured audiences worldwide with his viral Ted Talk on Financial Empathy. As a highly sought-after keynote presenter, award-winning radio show co-host, financial literacy advocate, and respected educator, Dr. Thomas is making a huge impact.

Despite many of his impressive achievements, Dr. Thomas’ greatest joys are faith, family, laughter, and nature. He is constantly in awe and appreciation for all that life has to offer – its ups and its downs.

Dr. Thomas currently resides in Athens, GA with his amazing wife, extraordinary two boys, and beloved Goldendoodle.

Since money is intimately tied to our emotions, why are there so few books on personal finance addressing the raw, human aspects of our relationship with money and our journey to financial well-being?
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