Author - Henry Fielding

Henry Fielding (1707–1754) was an English novelist and playwright best known for his contributions to the development of the novel as a literary form during the 18th century.

Henry Fielding is often credited with writing one of the first full-length novels in the English language. His most famous novel is "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling," published in 1749. The novel is a picaresque narrative that satirizes the social and moral issues of the time.

Despite his relatively short life, his literary and theatrical contributions had a lasting influence on English literature and the development of the novel.

“The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling” is a novel written by the English author Henry Fielding. It was first published in 1749 and is considered one of the earliest examples of the English novel. The novel is known for its comedic and picaresque style, as well as its exploration of the social and moral issues of its time.
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