Author - H. C. McNeile

H. C. McNeile (1888-1937), known by his pseudonym Sapper, created the iconic character Bulldog Drummond and became a prominent British author. Born Herman Cyril McNeile in Bodmin, Cornwall, he served as an officer in the Royal Engineers during World War I. His military experiences deeply influenced his writing style and themes, prompting him to adopt the pen name "Sapper," a term for soldiers in the Engineers. McNeile started his writing career with short stories and serialized novels, quickly gaining popularity for his thrilling narratives and robust characters.

After the war, McNeile transitioned to writing full-time. In 1920, he published "Bulldog Drummond," which achieved instant success and established him as a leading figure in adventure fiction.

“Bulldog Drummond” by H. C. McNeile, writing under the pseudonym Sapper, was first published in 1920. The novel introduces readers to Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond, an iconic figure in early 20th-century British adventure fiction. Drummond, a daring and resourceful ex-World War I officer, seeks excitement and purpose in a peacetime world. Bored with civilian life, he offers his services as a troubleshooter, quickly attracting attention for his fearless spirit and imposing prese… Read More