The Blacksmith Origin – Danketsu

by Ignacio J Durruty — eBook

Own the first of many books, light novels, and manga-comics by Danketsu. The Blacksmith Origin is the first piece of literature by the Danketsu team, written in September 2021, to pay homage to the origins of the Danketsu world. The story is set in the 10th century, with excerpts from the 21st Century as well

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The Teacher
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A Blacksmith At Work
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Young Mizuki – Overjoyed
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Young Mizuki
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“Who is he?!”
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Young Tsukuyomi
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The Rebirth
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The Blacksmith Mashup
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About this Book

The Blacksmith Origin is the prologue to the Danketsu world, as we know it today, and follows the story of Tsukuyomi, the Blacksmith, and a young boy, named Adan, 1000 years later. This story builds the very foundation for other Danketsu titles such as Aramar Origins, Atsuko Origins, and Adan: Eye of the Storm. The majority of the light novel is set in 10th century, Ninava, a fictional nation in the Pacific Ocean. Find out how the three clans, Aramar, Atsuko, and Daisuke, became the ninja clans that they are today. Learn the story of the Hoskinanium, the Blacksmith who forged the katana, and how Japanese colonization changed the fate of Ninava, forever

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