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Othello is a play about a Moorish general, Othello, who falls in love and marries a Venetian woman, Desdemona. Othello is an outsider in Venetian society and faces discrimination and mistrust because of his race. Additionally, Othello’s ensign, Iago, manipulates Othello into believing that Desdemona is unfaithful, leading Othello to murder her and then take his own life. The play explores themes of betrayal of love, jealousy, racism, nature of trust, and the destructive power of manipulation and revenge.

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About this Book

From Wikipedia: Othello (full title: The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice) is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, probably in 1603, set in the contemporary Ottoman–Venetian War (1570–1573) fought for the control of the Island of Cyprus, a possession of the Venetian Republic since 1489. The port city of Famagusta finally fell to the Ottomans in 1571 after a protracted siege. The story revolves around two characters, Othello and Iago.

Othello is a Moorish military commander who was serving as a general of the Venetian army in defence of Cyprus against invasion by Ottoman Turks. He has recently married Desdemona, a beautiful and wealthy Venetian lady much younger than himself, against the wishes of her father. Iago is Othello’s malevolent ensign, who maliciously stokes his master’s jealousy until the usually stoic Moor kills his beloved wife in a fit of blind rage. Due to its enduring themes of passion, jealousy, and race, Othello is still topical and popular and is widely performed, with numerous adaptations.

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