The Heretic – Lottery

by Joseph Nassise — eBook

From New York Times, USA Today, and Der Spiegel bestselling author Joseph Nassise comes the first book in the internationally acclaimed Templar Chronicles urban fantasy series!

Monsters prey on the innocent. He preys on the monsters.

2746 numbered eBooks
111 Unique Cover Designs
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Lottery & Book Info

Equal chance at #0000 and #0001 which are included in the Lottery

Each NFT eBook cost 55 ADA / 45 ADA for #OGBookClub
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Book Rarity

Echo Team
18 Unique Designs
x 60 Numbered eBooks
= 1080 eBooks
(39.3% of Supply)

Templar Cross
18 Unique Designs
x 50 Numbered eBooks
= 900 eBooks
(32.7% of Supply)

Swamp Graveyard
15 Unique Designs
x 40 Numbered eBooks
= 600 eBooks
(21.8% of Supply)

The Spear
14 Unique Designs
x 8 Numbered eBooks
= 112 eBooks
(4.0% of Supply)

The Revenant
8 Unique Designs
x 2 Numbered eBooks
= 16 eBooks
(0.58% of Supply)

The Necromancer
13 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBook
= 13 eBooks
(0.47% of Supply)

Corpse Hounds
10 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 10 eBooks
(0.36% of Supply)

The Adversary
8 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 8 eBooks
(0.29% of Supply)

Gabrielle Williams
4 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 4 eBooks
(0.15% of Supply)

Cade Williams
3 Unique Designs
x 1 Numbered eBooks
= 3 eBooks
(0.11% of Supply)

About this Book

“First-rate, stylish workfrom Mr. Nassise, with a steady escalation of the story’s speed that makes it almost literally breath-taking.” –New York Times bestseller Clive Barker

“With HERETIC, Joseph Nassise kicks off his TEMPLAR CHRONICLES in fine, swaggering style. This book bobs and weaves like the young Muhammed Ali, keeping us off-guard andentertained with its every surprising move.” –New York Times bestseller Peter Straub

“A breakneck-paced thrillerthat delivers on the thrills and tosses in more than a few more chills.” –New York Times bestseller Kelley Armstrong

“One part horror, one part military thriller, 100% fast-paced action!” The Horror Channel

The Heretic is the first book in the internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles series in which modern Templar knights protect mankind from supernatural threats and enemies. Originally published by Simon & Schuster, this action-packed thriller from three-time Bram Stoker Award nominee and former president of the Horror Writers Association has thrilled audiences worldwide in seven languages for close to two decades.

Now, for the first time, it is being offered as a limited edition, digital collectible NFT eBook, marking the first time that a contemporary New York Times bestselling novelist has offered a work in this fashion, marking it as a historic publication on the Cardano blockchain.

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