Darkness Awaits
A collection of horror fiction by Bram Stoker Award finalist Tom Leveen
– Cardano

by Tom Leveen– eBook

Monsters and mayhem, spiders and slitherings, magic and the macabre…it’s all here for you just in time for Halloween, from meals to snacks to quick (but bloody) bites to slake your thirst for the scary, the monstrous, and sometimes . . . the amusing!

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About this Book

A collection of original horror stories by Bram Stoker Award Finalist Tom Leveen (author of SICK and HELLWORLD).

Monsters who once were family; the suspense of a gory attack; your childhood home awake and stalking you—welcome to Darkness Awaits! This collection includes one full-length novel, three novellas, and numerous short stories, some published for the first time in this omnibus edition. No matter your taste — body horror, slow-burn hauntings, bug invasions, living dolls, or serial killers meeting at their annual convention — Darkness Awaits has something for everyone.

The book is anchored by the novel Heartless, in which urban legends of a murderous figure called Springheel Jack date back to the 19th century. What 16-year-old Baylee is about to learn is that “he” is most certainly for real…and not alone.

Baylee and her older brother Elijah are orphans, their parents brutally murdered in what appears to be a random act of violence. Living with friends of the family they hardly know, the two teens do their best to build new friendships: shy Elijah with a small group of gamers, and quiet Baylee with exactly one tomboy skater friend, Krista…plus a strikingly beautiful and kind boyfriend Baylee won’t tell anyone about.

When Elijah suddenly gets his first girlfriend and Krista is picked up by a new boyfriend, both of them cease talking to Baylee. Determined to prove the two new kids are bad somehow, maybe even criminal, Baylee follows them out to the desert one night, and finds her worst fears are nothing compared to the bloody, gruesome truth. And her secret beau is right at the center of it…

As Elijah slowly turns into something dangerous and otherworldly and Baylee’s adoptive family moves to put her into a psychiatric health facility after she tells the truth about what she knows, Baylee turns to the only people who might be able to Elijah human again: her brother’s nerdy RPG gamer friends.

Also included is the haunting novella Those We Bury Back:  Infected by the traumas inflicted by his parents, novelist Braden and his only son Josiah becomes trapped in his childhood home, turning Braden’s long-buried memories into corporeal horrors threatening his fragile, still-recovering psyche and the childhood of his only son. Braden must quickly uncover what exactly the house wants from him–Or if it is, in fact, the house that’s haunted.

And so much more! Don’t miss it!

About the Author

Tom Leveen is the author of nine novels with imprints of Random House, Simon & Schuster, Abrams, and more. He has also teamed up with Todd McFarlane writing Spawn, the comic book series, and released four independent books: A young adult novel, a how-to guide for writers on the subject of dialogue, a book on using movies to improve your fiction writing, and a horror novella based on real events.

Currently a library assistant in charge of teen programming with Phoenix Public Library, Tom has nine years of previous library work experience. He also has 22 years of theatre experience as an actor and director, and has been the Artistic Director for two different theatre companies.

Tom wrote his first story in second grade and has been writing and telling stories ever since. His first horror novel, Sick, won the Westchester Fiction Award and the Grand Canyon Reader Award. His novel ZERO was a Best Book of 2013 (American Library Association/Young Adult Library Services Association). His horror novel HELLWORLD was a Bram Stoker Award finalist.

A frequent guest speaker and teacher, Tom has taught, paneled, and/or keynoted for SCBWI, RWA, Desert Nights Rising Stars, Phoenix ComiCon, AzLA, NCTE, TEDx, People of Color Network, Western New Mexico University, Arizona State University, Arizona Reading Association, Kennesaw State University, multiple schools and conferences throughout Germany, AETA, the Los Angeles Teen Book Fest, and many others.

In addition, apropos of absolutely nothing, Tom:
Completed a 13-and-a-half hour crucible staffed by retired Navy SEALs; finished a marathon (in six and half hours), earned a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, co-hosted a public access comedy show, directed 30 plays and acted in 30 more, ran a theatre company out of his backyard, met almost all of his literary heroes except for Stephen King, played in a punk band live in front of actual people (once), prefers the Hero System but nevertheless runs a warlock minotaur and storm cleric elf when time permits, trained at the Utah Shakespeare Festival Actor Training program for five sessions, was Best Masque & Gavel Member in high school, lettered in Speech, has a rock in one finger from a pretty bad bail on his (now stolen) Tony Hawk, was the safari train driver for the Phoenix Zoo for a short time, worked in the stock room for Forever 21 for an even shorter time, completed a Spartan Sprint with three friends, and spent twenty years earning his Bachelor of Science degree.

So if there’s something you want to do, go do it.

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